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Barcelona Brings Home the Victory

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On May27, Wednesday, Barcelona ended speculations on who is best from the other, the debate on who is the best player that brings the team to victory. It was really unexpected when on only the day before, a reporter asked Sire Alex, Manchester U’s Manager, whether his forward Christiano Ronaldo or Barcelona’s Lionel Messi was the best soccer player in the world. He just smiled. Everybody seems to have a bet; they are both fantastic players in their own rights. They both have the ability and the courage to fight and bring their team to victory. Alex simply tells us that no matter what happens, they will keep bouncing back. They are 2 different individuals but they both share the same feeling. Barcelona’s winning over Manchester ends the speculations of many people and proves Messi’s capabilities over Ronaldo.
When victory took part with Barcelona against Manchester United. According to analysts, Barcelona Team will likely to take home, $154M. Though Manchester loses this game they will till take home, $91M from a match that is worth more than $433M. That’s $64M more than last year’s final on Moscow which Manchester won on penalties against Chelsea.
This game benefited the European downturn economy because of the large number of television rights which the avid fans contributed. They prefer to spend their money in this once breath-taking game and prefer to set aside the hard ship they are experiencing.
Rome, being the host will also receive a boost of $63M, for hosting the match at Stadio Olimpico. This game has also helped the down turning tourism industry of Rome which was a bit lifted when this game started. The Master card being one of the major sponsors will also give over $21M to the host country. This will bring a long term effect in tourism to Rome and to the rest of Europe.

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