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Kevin Durant…As A Senior In College?

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Kevin Durant…As A Senior In College?

While the sports world focuses on the NCAA Tournament, you can’t help but think about the players who are currently boosting their team’s NBA betting odds that should still be roaming college campuses across the country. Here is a look at the All-Should-Still-Be-In-College Team.

Kevin Love, UCLA

Love would be a junior with the Bruins, where he made his name flinging 60-foot outlet passes to the last player on this list. Instead, he just recently finished a run of 53 straight double-doubles with Minnesota.

Kevin Durant, Texas

Durant would likely be a national Player of the Year candidate in his senior year in Austin, and he may have already won the award in a previous year. But he’s working on his second scoring title while leading the young guns in Oklahoma City.

Michael Beasley, Kansas State

Beasley got off to a slow start in his NBA career, but he’s finding his place in Minnesota alongside Love, although we’re sure Kansas State would love to have him as a junior right now.

Derrick Rose, Memphis

Rose spent a year at Memphis before bolting to the NBA, where he is drafted by his hometown team in Chicago and is a very good bet to win the MVP this year.

Russell Westbrook, UCLA

Westbrook would be a senior alongside Love at UCLA, making the Bruins a likely favorite for the NCAA title. But he is busy right now with Durant, leading the Thunder on a title mission in the West.

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