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Andy Reid still things that Philadelphia Eagles will play better

November 12th, 2012

Andy Reid the couch of Philadelphia Eagles is still hoping that his team will start performing well again though his team has not performed well recently in NFL Football.
The Eagles have actually gone through a disastrous season this year. Recently they have lost against New Orleans by a margin of 28-13 on last Monday. It is no doubt a big loss. They could not score properly in the red zone and adding more problems, Michael Vick has been sacked for seven times.
When time does not go well, hope becomes the only way to get out of it. Reid is hoping for a better performance from his team in future. Vick was already with immense pressure because of 32.5% dropbacks which was already high. In the last match he actually made his problem more critical by making 18 more dropbacks. His performance was quite sloppy in the match and The Eagles has to suffer from this.
However, Reid feels that his team needs to improve their performance. He says, “Our team is not at all bad. We have to make some sloppy things tighter in future. We need to make some little adjustment for improving our performance.” Well, as per their performance are concern it seems that they need to do more than making just small adjustments.
However, Reid also thinks that what Jeffrey Lurie, the owner of Philadelphia Eagles says cannot make him worried by any means. The latter said to the team that, if they win with a good margin, only then their coach will be able to stay for the team. Well, after that, Eagles played quite well, they improved their performance and made it 8-8 after the end of the last season.
However, in this season they are again performing poor. The way the team is playing now, it does not seem that, he will remain as a couch in the year 2015. However, Reid does not seem to be tensed with these things. He said, “The team is going through a bad patch. They now need to improve their performance. The boys are trying extremely hard. I need to support them. I am now only thinking about this.”
They have lost four games in a row in this season. In fact, this is actually the worst performance from them under Reid in NFL Football. Reid things they need to stop the bad patch immediately and have to turn their game on.
Well, when Reid is going through a bad time, the manager of the team Howie Roseman is having quite a nice time as the contracts with him has been extended to four years.

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