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Driving across ithe neighbourhood in his Fiat 500L

March 15th, 2013

Parenting could be tough sometimes, but it’s also fun. Award-winning commercial from Fiat performs outstanding rap showcasing how it feels to be a father from a very creative point of view. The video captures the essence of a day-to-day family father challenges rapping from the most iconic angles.

With so little differentiation among cars’ ads out there, this inspiring video featuring the Fiat 500L has received great feedback from the crowds, with over 9 thousand reproductions in 2 days. This entertaining advertorial highlights common patterns of modern fatherhood, and all facts are underpinned by a strong research conducted across millions of households in different focus groups- a huge success for a massive effort that revealed parents in UK drive an estimated of 1,300 miles yearly for getting their children to sleep.

This hilarious video was set in the middle of the night, with a hero dad trying to get his babies to calm down and sleep by driving across ithe neighbourhood in his Fiat 500L. Throughout this driving scene some nostalgic memories make the father reflect of how good it was his bachelor moments in comparison to this challenging stage on his life, projecting some fun revenge scenarios like “You peed inside my bedding/But know I’ll get my own back/When I’m dancing at your wedding!”.

The entertaining rhymes with soundtracks from the 80s captivate the Romantic Era of generations that are currently dealing with parenthood. Some funny passages of the lyrics include expressing such as “I’m looking forward to the peace when you’re a little older, No more urine on my trainers, no more vomit on my shoulder”, yet the father states clearly that “It’s fine because I love you and I’d never trade your mother/But in the future I’ll be abstinent and double up the rubber!”.

The new Fiat 500L has been developed for style-conscious young families looking for a car that not only meets their practical needs but also reflects their personality.Check below the video and let us know you thoughts:

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